Frequently asked questions

  • What is your Return Policy? +

    If you are the original purchaser you are welcome to return your purchase within 30 days of delivery to receive a full refund of your purchase price less shipping. It is your responsibly to ship it back to us in undamaged condition and you must contact us for an RMA prior to a return being accepted.
  • Do you ship to addresses outside of the contiguous United States? +

    At present we don't provide automated shipping costs to locations outside of the contiguous United States. However, if you live elsewhere and would like to inquire if we can ship to your location and what the shipping costs would be please visit our Contact page and send us your location information and we will let you know if we are able to ship to you and what the costs would be as soon as possible.
  • How is a SimRacer shipped to my location and what should I expect to receive? +

    We ship SimRacer's to locations within the contiguous United Stated via FedEx or UPS. It comes disassembled so we don't need to ship it as freight. Therefore your SimRacer can be delivered right to your doorstep and consists of 7 individual boxes in total.
  • Is a SimRacer difficult to assemble? +

    Not really. We attach ID stickers to the necessary components so you know exactly what part goes where as you follow our step-by-step assembly instructions. Plan 2 to 4 hours for assembly time after you have familiarized with all it's components.
  • Do you collect sales tax or other taxes? +

    We must collect sales tax on products billed to Oklahoma addresses only. Rate is 8.35%. If you live outside the United States and we're able to ship to your location then you are responsible for any customs charges and VAT or GST that may apply.
  • What brands of pedals will attach to a SimRacer? +

    We have included adjustable slots for use with Logitech G27 type pedals, Thrustmaster T3PA pedals, and Fanatec ClubSport pedals. If you need a different configuration its easy to drill you own holes in the pedal base to attach other pedals.
  • Do you provide a warranty? +

    We offer a 1 year warranty on all parts to the original owner.
  • What tools do I need to assemble a SimRacer? +

    5/16", 3/8", 1/2" sockets and a socket wrench, an adjustable wrench, and a Phillips screwdriver. Other required tools are included. A battery operated impact wrench, while not required, will hasten the assembly time.
  • How much will it cost for shipping to my location? +

    If you live within the contiguous United States just add items to the cart and click estimate shipping to see the shipping costs. If you live elsewhere use our Contact form to send us your location information so we can let you know if we can ship to you and how much shipping will cost. Please also state if the location is a business or residential.
  • What amperage breaker do I need to connect the SimRacer to 115vac? +

    The SimRacer requires a 15 amp breaker at minimum. However if you also run a computer and peripherals from the same circuit a 20amp or larger breaker may be necessary.
  • After payment how long before you ship my order? +

    There can be a three to four week delay before shipment when purchasing a SimRacer. Other items are usually shipped within a week or two.
  • How much floor space do I need for a SimRacer? +

    A SimRacer's footprint is 48" x 96". In addition to the 48' width you will need some additional room on the right or left side in order to gain access. It will need to be the opposite side of where you intend to mount a shifter if you use one.
  • Does a SimRacer Include the Seat? +

    No. But a seat can be purchased from us if you don't want to purchase your own elsewhere. If you do purchase elsewhere however then you will need to drill you own holes in the seat's plywood mount and locate the proper balance point for your seat.
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