SimRacer Transducer Kit
  • SimRacer Transducer Kit
  • SimRacer Transducer Kit

SimRacer Transducer Kit

Our SimRacer Transducer Kit includes 2 transducers and 2 independent amplifiers that are installed on a SimRacer in order to add vibratory feedback to the seat and frame in response to customized audio inputs.  One ore two kits can be installed with the later increasing the transducer count to 4 further increasing immersion.  Customizable audio inputs* can be adjusted with software and include vibratory effects from road noise, collisions (L/R & F/B),engine rpm, turbochargers, afterburners, gear shifts, and turbulence.
Note: Requires a dedicated (secondary) pc sound card and a Simsation Motion Control software license which are not included in this kit.


  • 2 X 100W max power
  • NE5532 op-amp to achieve powerful lfe performance
  • amplifiers are placed under the front of the seat allowing easy access to transducer intensity control knobs
  • powered from the SimRacer's built-it power supply
  • includes audio cables to sound card and wiring to power supply


  • 2 X 50-Watt Pro Bass Shaker
  • Impedance @ 4 Ohms and 40 Hz resonance frequency
  • includes wiring for transducers to amplifiers
*Customizable audio inputs are not available for all game titles and those that do support them may not support every input.

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Dimension (L x W x H) 10 x 10 x 10 Inch
Weight 10 Pound